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MMS01 Single LED/LCD Monitor Stand Desk Mount Bracket Tilt Swivel

MMS01 Single LED/LCD Monitor Stand w/ Heavy Duty Desk Base Tilt & Swivel

  • £3498

The MMS01 LCD monitor arm stand holds the monitor and allows you to change the height and viewing angle easily (tilt up/down, swivel left/right). All LED/LCD monitors weighing less than 6Kgs and with VESA 50x50, VESA 75x75, or VESA 100x100 mounting holes at the back are compatible with the stand.

The Allcam MMS0-series of multiple monitor arm stand features a free-standing heavy duty base.

MMS01 LCD monitor stand: table stand

Key Features

  • Single LCD/LED monitor stand with free-standing base
  • Universal fit for all LED/LCD Monitors with VESA 50, 75, or 100 mounting holes weighing less than 6Kgs (13.2lbs)
  • Tilt 30° up/down, swivel 90° left/right
  • 130° screen rotation allows the user to choose between portrait and landscape
  • Adjustable height (10cm to 40cm from the desk), want even higher? Upgrade to 70cm long pole for £15 extra
  • Heavy duty metal pole and base, can support up to 24Kgs / 52.8lbs in total
  • Build in cable-management on the stand’s pole

There are four standard models in the MMS0-series of monitor desk stands: MMS01 (single monitor), MMS05 (twin monitors), MMS06 (triple monitors), and MMS07 (quadruple monitors). In addition, you can easily customise your own monitor stand with the following standardized modules and accessories:

  1. Pole Module: Long pole 70cm (MMS0PL) and Short pole 40cm (MMS0PS)
  2. Arm Module: Long arm 18.4cm (MDM0AL) and Short arm 12.5cm (MDM0AS), interchangeable with the arms in MDM04 / MDM05 / MDM06 / MDM07 / MDM0D series of monitor stands
  3. Joint Lock Module (pole clamp): Joint lock single (MDM0JLS) and Joint lock dual (MDM0JLD), interchangeable with the pole clamps (joint locks) in MDM04 / MDM05 / MDM06 / MDM07 / MDM0D / MDM02 series of monitor stands
  4. Accessories: iPad VESA adapter, Laptop Tray, VESA Keyboard, VESA mini keyboard, hang down VESA adapter vertical-to-horizontal, CPU holder

Warranty Info

These MMS01 LCD monitor stands come brand new in sealed box, with 5 years warranty.

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