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Wallmount for SONOS PLAY 1 and 3

  • £1198

  • Powder coated in black or white to match Sonos
  • Wall bracket for SONOS PLAY 1 and 3
  • Swivel left / right 60 degrees, tilt 15 degrees, swivel for horizontal or vertical
  • Made of high strength steel
  • Place the PLAY 3 in both portrait and landscape.

The Allcam Sonos wall mount is the super flexible wall mount bracket for Sonos Play 1 and 3. The sturdy metal wall bracket is able to swivel left/right 60 degrees , tilt up/down 15 degrees and rotate 360 degrees for horizontal or portrait use. Ideal for installation in kitchens, hotel rooms, and corridors.

SKU:WSP1B Barcode:4717095829299
SKU:WSP1W Barcode:4717095829282
SKU:WSP3B Barcode:4717095829312
SKU:WSP3W Barcode:4717095829305

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