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Allcam WF01 WiFi Video Intercom/ Doorbell/ Home Security Survailence Camera for Smart Phones & Tablets

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The Allcam WF01 is a Wi-Fi video intercom / doorbell system for smartphones and tablets.The intercom can be easily managed by the free app, which connects up to 4 devices to the intercom simultaneously. Similarly, as many as 4 intercoms can be managed from a single phone or tablet!

Have you ever forgotten your key and had to wait several hours in the cold for a locksmith? The Allcam WF01 WiFi door bell is your answer (requires an optional electric strike lock), simply enter the unlock PIN code in your smartphone, and voila the door opens! If you are away while you have an important visitor like your children or old friends, you can still let them in and treat them with the warmth of your home.

Ever rushing to the door in the middle of the night only to find an unwelcome visitor? With the Allcam WF01 video intercom, you can simply ask the visitor to go away from your cosy bed, or scare him away even before he tried to press the button because your phone would have already alerted you (if motion detection is enabled).

The WF01 video intercom is compatible with a wide range of DC power supply (5V - 16V), saving a lot of hassle if you are upgrading your existing DC-powered doorbell / intercom because most likely the existing wiring can be used to power the new device. Furthermore, thanks to push release terminals, connecting the power to the video intercom is easy and fast.

Push notifications are supported on both iOS and Android devices, and the intercom can be set up to send notifications on motion detection, it also auto record these events as photo or video whichever is appropriate.

Key Features

  • Quality video intercom system for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
  • 720p HD video seurity camera with 120° wide viewing angle
  • Real time video surveillance (over the internet via Amazon cloud)
  • Can be monitored by up to 4 smartphones or tablets simultaneously
  • One smartphone / tablet can monitor up to 4 video intercoms
  • Compatible with the majority of existing intercom/ doorbell systems' DC power supply, eliminating the need to re-wire
  • Compatible with the majority of electric strike locks (NO and NC modes) and addition manual unlock switch to unlock door
  • Supports push notifications on iOS and Android devices
  • Temper alarm: both the video intercom and your smartphone will alarm if tempered with.

Apart from the competitors' crowd

Against similar WiFi video doorbells / IP cameras in the market, the Allcam WF01 has a number of key benefits:

  1. Allcam WF01 is a duplex communication system, meaning both guest and host can speak simultaneously, while most competitor's product only allows one way communications, i.e. you must hold a button to speak, and when you speak you can't hear what the guest are talking.
  2. Allcam WF01 can be connected to 4 phones / tablets, so you and your loved ones can monitor your door simultaneously, while most competitor's product only connect to one phone/tablet so if your husband is monitoring you can't unlock the door from your phone.
  3. The app is powered by Amazon cloud servers located in the EU, ensuring rapid response times when monitoring your door.
  4. The app is very easy to set up, which makes connecting and managing your intercom or intercoms simple, avoiding the awkward firewall and IP settings (unlike the IP cameras).

how WF01 video doorbell security camera works via LAN and internet cloud


  • Hardware HiSilicon Hi3518 (auto detect new firmware)
  • Built-in flash memory: 4GB
  • Protocol: P2P
  • Wireless Connection: WiFi
  • Camera: CMOS 1 megapixel
  • Camera view angle: 120°
  • Video resolution: adjustable from 1280*720 to 640*480
  • Video rate: 25-30 fps
  • Video encoding: H.264
  • APP function: Support Android / iOs devices
  • Simultaneous users to a viedo intercom unit: 4
  • Max. number of video intercom to an APP: 4
  • Working current: 450mA (5V), 200 mA (12V), 150mA (16V)
  • Power consumption: 2.3W (2300mAh)
  • Power supply: DC 5V / 1A ( compatible DC 5V-16V)
  • Night vision: 2 IR lamps
  • Working temperature: -20°C - +50°C
  • Waterproof: IP55 with rain cover
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 193g
  • Size: 150*80*40mm


Q: Will the intercom work if the internet connection is lost?

A: The intercom will still work as long as both the tablet/ phone device you are using and the intercom are connected to the same wireless router.

Q: Can the video intercom record video/ take pictures?

A: Yes, the intercom can record videos or take pictures using the app. If motion detection is enabled, it also auto records all detected events either as photo or video whichever is appropriate.

Warranty Information

 The Allcam WF01 Video Intercom / Doorbells are brand new, in retail box, 2 year warranty.

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