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Allcam News & Discussion Forum — 3.5" HDD enclosure

How to assemble a 3.5 Black Cyclone II Portable Hard Drive (SATA)?

Posted by 01 Freelance on

Allcam has two enclosures with the same apperance, one for PATA/IDE and one for SATA. Confusingly the boxes for the two are the same and the printing on the box mistakenly states "for IDE and SATA". This guide is for SATA hard drive enclosure only. Step 1. Take the enclosure out of the box, press the buttons on the side to open the top plate Step 2. Find accessories in box and you should have the following: A: Main Body Enclosure with SATA Data Cable (Red Ribbon) and SATA power cable (4 wires) B: Top Plate C: Screw-driver D: USB cable E: Screw...

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