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ONS: Why people were not looking for work?

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The Sept 2016 ONS reports shows there were 31.8 million people in work, 1.6 million unemployed, and 8.8 million people NOT looking for work. People NOT looking for work is different from those unemployed, both are in the working age (16-64 years), however the later is actively seeking job but the former is NOT.

As shown in Figure 18 below, the 4 main reasons people NOT looking for wok are :

  1. They were studing (2.3 million)
  2. They were looking after famility or home (2.2 million)
  3. They were sick (2.1 million)
  4. They retired early (1.1 million)

Meanwhile there are 750,000 unfulfilled vacancies in the country.

Although the headline unemployment rate was 4.9% - very impressive, the real picture is: for every 3 working people, they have to support 1 other people in the working age, beside all the childen and old people.


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