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Why so many people fail to lose weight?

Posted by Paul Zhu on

We all know it, the only secrets to win the battle of weight-losing are eat less and healthy, drink plenty of water, and do more exercises. However it is a very long and painful procedure and not everybody have the perseverance or time to finish the journey.

That is why it is important to set your goals in stages, and win the battle together with your family and friends.

An activity tracker makes the process much easier. So instead of spending time to calculate your calories and exercise times, you can go straight to exercise. More importantly it gives you instant feedback to push you further.

Jawbone UP Move is one of such activity trackers with multi-award winning APP. It is very easy to use: 1. Install the battery (which lasts 6 months); 2. Install the free APP from the iPhone or Android APP store; 3. Add your profile

It trackes your total steps and sleeping time. If your goal is losing weight, you can add your food intake (say "Milk" and "Banana" at 7AM,  "Pizz" and "Salad" at 7PM, and it will calculate the calories for you.

UP Move is the basic model from an international renounced manufacturer - Jawbone, at only £18.8 (compared to the RRP of £39.99) and best in class fitness APP , what can you lose (other than weight)? Buy now and see your amazing journey, whenever and wherever.

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