voice changer for mobile phonesVoice Changer for Mobile Phones
No more boring from the general handfree. From now on, use U-TEL® voice changer handfree to give fun to your friends, families, You can play 4 different roles as Robot, young man to old man or female to male, kid and duck. Buy now, enjoy fun!

£ 12.80 (inc VAT) out of stock

* Nokia Type A is out of stock, please specify your requirement in the "Special Instructions" when you check out.

Key features:

  • Normal voice and funny voice switchable;
  • Light weight ( only 40 g ), easy to wear;
  • Universal type for most mobile phone models;
  • Funny gimmick, suitable for promotion / gift


  • Battery capacity : 55mAh Li-Lon;( no battery power needed when using it with normal voice )
  • Four changeable voice : Robot / old man / kid / duck;
  • Volume : 62 dB;
  • Weight : 40 g

Supported mobile phone models:

Nokia A: 3210/3310/8210/8250/8310/8850/8860/8890
Nokia B: 5110/6110/6130/6138/7110
Nokia C: 8260/8290
Motorola: 920/928/930/Startac X130
Ericsson A: 628/688/768/788/888/T18
Ericsson B: T28/T38/T39/T68
Samsung: 600/N188/A200/288/2100/2200/2400/M180/M110/R280

Please specify the type of voice changer your require. If you did not specify, the we will send you a Nokia A type. You shall be resposible for all the P&P cost if you found out later this is not the type you want.

Warranty / Support:

This product carries one year warranty, return to base ( Nottingham UK ). If you are not satisfied for any reason, please return in intact condition in 7 days, we will refund you in full ( postage & banking charges if any, is not refundable).

Free technical support during warranty period, website: www.allcam.biz/support.html or Email: support@allcam.co.uk


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