External hard drives are ideal external data storage for file backup, suitable for home, and small business data backup need, and for data /files transfer between office and home.. The external feature makes it easy to share this device among computers, even between PC & MAC (Click Hard drive sharing between PC & MAC for more info)! Firewire / USB 2.0/LAN RJ-45 interface makes file backup easy and fast! Allcam is the first company to assemble large capacity external hard drive in UK, Now we have a whole range of external hard drives, from 80GB to 1000GB (1TB), all with high speed USB 2.0, USB 2.0 / IEEE1394 combo interface.

USB 2.0 external hard drive (Black Cyclone II)

Blackcyclone external hard drive

The extremely welcome response from our customer for the Black Cyclone has prompted us to issue this Black Cyclone II hard drives, with improved accessibility, sleek corners and finish, plus a stand.

Key Features

  • Innovative front control panel: all control buttons & LED indicators all in front
  • Fan ON/OFF, Power ON/OFF buttons (in front)
  • Colourful 4 LED lights: Power, Fan, USB, Data read/write
  • External USB 2.0 interface, no comprise in speed compare to internal drives
  • Fluid dynamic bearing motors, stable & reliable performance
  • Compact Size: 20 x 11 x 3.4 cm (L x W x H) (without stand)
  • 80GB-500GB from £46 inc VAT, Both Silver & Black version available
  • Click Black Cyclone II external hard drive for Black Version
  • Click Silver Navigation External Hard Drive for silver version

USB 2.0 Philips SPE3050 500GB External Hard Drive

philips 500gb usb 2.0

Philips SPE3050 External Hard Drive

As an external hard drive, Philips SPE3050 is nothing special, but it is made by Philips; it has massive 500GB capacity; most importantly, YES, it is very cheap, even cheaper than the most internal 3.5" hard drives.

USB 2.0 One-Touch backup II external hard drives series

Onetouch Backup external hard drive

This OneTouch backup II hard drive is improved from the previous OneTouch backup hard drive, mainly with improved backup functions such as auto backup, other minor bugs also fixed. Compared to Maxtor OneTouch III drives, this drive doesn't support full system backup, but it is good for daily backup/synchronisation of large amount of data which will normally take a few minutes only. Maxtor OneTouch III does support system backup but the backup process normally takes a few hours.

  • Quick OneTouch Backup button with utility software
  • Support Auto File Comparison and File synchronization
  • Support File Auto Backup
  • Unique 3-level hard drive free space indicators
  • High quality aluminium casing
  • 250GB-500GB from £69 inc VAT,
  • Click OneTouch Backup II external hard drive for more ...

New Freecom External Hard Drive 400GB to 750GB USB 2.0

Freecom external hard drive

A new & sleek design, looks completely different from the previous dull Freecom classic range of external hard drives, now a 400GB External Hard Drive at a price cheaper than an 400GB internal hard drive!

  • Fast, low noise external USB 2.0 Hard Drive
  • Stylish aluminium design, including LED hard drive capacity indicator
  • Includes Freecom Backup software for easy file backup
  • Hot swappable, no need to turn off your computer
  • Two years manufacturers warranty, free helpdesk support
  • 400GB only £59 inc VAT, click 400GB Freecom External Hard Drive for more
  • 500GB only £69 inc VAT, click 500GB Freecom External Hard Drive for more .
  • 750GB only £139 inc VAT, click 750GB Freecom External Hard Drive for more .

Maxtor OneTouch III USB 2 Firewire 200GB - 1000GB (1TB)

Maxtor OneTouch III External hard drive

  • Easy & simple OneTouch backup
  • Massive capacity: up to 1000GB (1TB)!
  • 16 MB cache, not the 8 MB version selling in other UK site
  • USB 2.0 or USB 2.0 + Firewire (6-pin) combo interface, fast data transfer
  • Plug & Play, no driver installation (Windows ME or above)
  • Hot inserting & swapping supported; no need to turn off computer to plug and unplug
  • Size: 22 X 14 X 4.1 cm (L x W x H);
  • Auto switching mains adapter: 100 -240 V (UK 3-pin plug)
  • OS support: Win 98/ME/2000/XP/2003; Mac OS9 or higher; Linux Kernel 2.4.x or above
  • 300GB to 500GB Firewire 400+USB 2.0 combo from £109, Click External Hard Drives for more...
  • 500GB USB2.0 Only version £109, Click USB2.0 Maxtor One Touch Hard Drive for more...
  • 500GB Firewire 800/400+USB2.0 version £149 inc, click USB2 Firewire 800 Maxtor OneTouch III for more ...

Maxtor OneTouch III Turbo Edition: Massive 1000GB / 1TB capacity with RAID

Maxtor OneTouch III TurboMaxtor OneTouch III turbo actually comprise of 2 x 500GB hard drive in the USB2 + Firewire800 combo enclosure. Designed for creative professionals who need the disk striping speed of RAID 0 for intensive disk-access applications or the security of RAID 1 for automatically mirroring data, the Maxtor OneTouch III Turbo Edition provides an easy to use wizard interface for configuring your system for optimal performance. Faster throughput means faster workflow, and that means greater productivity for creative professionals who work in digital video, photography and graphic arts. The user-configurable Maxtor RAID solution streamlines performance and enables multiple streaming without dropping frames - critical in quality video editing. The Maxtor OneTouch III Turbo Edition supports both Mac and Windows platforms. It arrives preformatted for the Mac and includes the Oxford FireWire 924 chipset for ultimate Mac performance. And when you need it most, you can boot your Mac OS X directly from the drive. With the simple user interface, you have the option to easily back up your entire computer drive or selected files either automatically or at the touch of a button.

1TB @ £586, click USB2.0 Firewire Combo Maxtor OneTouch III Hard Drive for more...

USB 2.0 + Firewire Combo series external hard drives

Key Features

  • USB 2.0 + Firewire interface, fast data transfer
  • Plug & Play, no driver installation (Windows ME or above)
  • Aluminium case with cooling fan as well
  • Prolific PL3507 chipset for USB2+Firewire bridge
  • Fluid dynamic bearing motors, stable & reliable performance;
  • Hot inserting & swapping supported; no need to turn off computer to plug and unplug this device
250GB to 400GB from £69 inc, Click USB 2.0 Firewire combo External Hard Drive for more...

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Drives

lan drive file server

Simple and affordable Network Attached Storage solutions from Allcam, you can now have professional file server/shared storage at a friction of the price of a traditional NAS device.

Freecom network drive is suitable for people want to have a simple way to share storage device over the local network.

Lan Drive is a standalone file server which does not require any driver installation on computers, and user can access it via browser (Explorer/Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla) or FTP, support TCP/IP, NetBuei , IPX/SPX protocol.

250GB to 500GB form £89, Click LAN Drive for more info on these two NAS drives

FAQ on external hard drives:

1. How to share the hard drive between PC & MAC?

The external hard drives will be delivered to you properly partitioned and formatted as NTFS or FAT32. NTFS format can not be read/write under Windows 98 / ME / MAC OS 9.x, Mac OS 10.x will be able to read but can not write it. If you want to use it for MAC only, then you can use "Disk Utility" to erase the hard drive and format as HFS+ (MAC OS extended), see the picture on the right.

If you wish to use the drive between PC & MAC just for data/file backup purposes (not for system backup), then you can use FAT32 which can be read/write by Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and MAC OS 9.x/10.x. Please add your special request to format the drive as FAT32 while order online if you want to. With Windows VISTA gradually gaining popularity, NTFS becomes much more popular choice than FAT32 because Windows VISTA is not compatible with FAT32 (it will not even read).

2. How to avoid hard drive crash / how to maintain the external hard drive?

Hard drives are delicate machines, they are prone to vibration and shock especially when they are powered because they are spinning at very high speed (7200 RPM), vibration and shock can cause the reading head dip into the magnetic surface, which may damage the reading head as well as the magnetic surface (bad sectors).

The golden rule: Do NOT move the external hard drives once they are powered; and move them only if the power is off. This rule also applies to the internal hard drives of computers / laptops: Do NOT move the laptop /computer once the power is on.

3. What brand is your external hard drive? What is the warranty?

As mentioned, Allcam is the first in UK to assemble external hard drives. Most of the external hard drives have Hitachi Deskstar 7200 rpm hard drive inside, occasionally some 80 GB external hard drives might have Excelstor or Western Digital hard drive inside. All the external hard drives and portable hard drives we are selling comes with 1 year warranty (Return to base, Nottingham). Extend to 2 years for £10 and 3 years for £25 only.

4. Is your external hard drives Windows VISTA compatible?

Yes! Most likely all our external hard drives works straight away by powering on and plugging in (Windows VISTA will install the new hardware automatically and show it as a new drive in "My Computer"). However, the early version of Windows VISTA is buggy and you might have to manually install the driver even though it already exist in the Windows VISTA system. Please also note that Windows VISTA no longer support FAT32 file format, so if the hard drive was previously formatted as FAT32 then you would have to reformat it again.

Click External hard drive support for more help ...

Want slimmer and lighter portable hard drives?

Click portable hard drives , capacity range from 20 - 120 GB, compact enough to fit your pocket ...

Looking for cheap ways to add memory to digital camera? how about 40 GB for £69portable hard drive

Not exactly 80 GB memory but 80 GB picture / photo bank which can backup all digital memory cards instantly without using computer, 80 GB version is in stock now. Click 100GB digital camera storage for more ..



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