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Powermat Wireless Charger: 3-position home / office wireless charging mat (No Receiver)

The Powermat Home/Office 3-position wireless charging mat can charge up to three devices simultaneously. The Power Mat is designed to look great in any domestic or work environment and has been engineered to give you years of reliable performance.

The Powermat Wireless Charger provides a simple, fast and efficient way to keep all of your favourite personal electronic devices charged. There are many benefits to the Powermat wireless charger, the most obvious one being the ability to lose the spaghetti of wires that clutters your home.

The Powermat is simple to use, just connect your Powermat receiver (sold separately) and then drop your product on to the charging mat and charge. Powermat is also energy saving, being able to charge up to three devices at one time with the use of only one plug, and it charges just as fast as your standard adaptor.

Every Powermat Receiver (sold separately) seamlessly recognizes and bonds to the device that it will enable to charge wirelessly. A magnetic attraction between every Receiver and each charging position on every Mat assures that alignment is precise and the most efficient charging will occur. This is one of the keys to the Powermat’s ability to charge your devices as fast or faster than the original power adapter. The communication between the Mat and the Receiver which allows the mat to deliver an exact amount of power for the proper length of time so that the transfer of power is safe and efficient and no energy is ever wasted.

There is also a unique sound tells you that a solid connection has been made and that your device is charging. A second, similar sound is heard when the device is removed. The level of these sounds can be changed to your preferred volume or they can be turned off.

Each charging position also has a corresponding light indicator that informs you that wireless charging is occurring. Again, the intensity of these lights can be changed or they can be turned off.

When a device reaches full charge, power is auto-off to that device to save energy. Other devices will continue to charge till they are full. Once all devices on the Mat are fully charged, the charging pad will Auto Off to save energy. The Powermat wireless charger will also monitor the status of the battery in your device. If the battery is used, Powermat will start wireless charging till the battery is full.

A standard USB jack is available on every Power Mat for USB-powered devices providing another source for power or wired charging, check image below.

Powermat wireless charger 3 position home mat usb jack and button

Note: Powermat wireless charging system requires both Mat and Receiver. You must also purchase a Receiver. Powermat has designed Receiver-cum-Case for most common smart phones and gaming console, for example, iPhone 4 /4S receiver case, iPhone 3G receiver case, iPod Touch receiver case, Nintendo DS Lite receiver case, Nintendo DSi receiver case, Blackberry receiver case ... There is also a universal receiver called Powercube for other phones and mobile gadgets.

Package Content

  1. Powermat 3 position Home & Office Mat
  2. Mains Adapter, with built-in cord management & interchangeable wall plugs

More info on Powermat Wireless Charger

Powermat invented the inductive-based wireless charging technology. The Powermat wireless charger system contains two essencial parts:

  1. Charging Mat (transmitter): the Mat plugs into the mains power and transmit the energy to the other part (Receiver). The Power mat comes in different shape and sizes, the common ones being the home/ office mat and portable mat, with 2 or 3 charging positions.
  2. Receiver: this part receives the energy and charges the battery (of your device). As you can imagine, there are different receivers for different devices but there is also a universal receiver called Powercube for many small gadgets like mobile phones (inc smart phones like iPhone. Blackberry, HTC), portable game consoles (PSP, 3DS), Sat Nav, Bluetooth headset, virtually anything which can normally be charged by a computer USB port.

So you must have both parts (Mat, Receiver) to charge your device. The so-called "wireless charging" does not mean there is no wires, it simply refers to the fact that there are no physical wire between the Mat and the Receiver. However the Powermat wireless charger system still presents an effective way to cut down home/ office clutter. For example, you no longer to keep one charger for your iPhone, one charger for your Sat Nav, and one charger for e-book reader... or you don't need to keep two sets of chargers (one for home and one for office), instead you can use the original set at home and Powermat wireless charger at office.

Powermat is also integrating the "wireless charging" technology directly into many devices. Basically those Powermat-enabled devices will have an integrated Receiver, making it one step closer to the zero wire solution.


  1. Will the Powermat charge my Laptop / iPad?
    No. The original version of charging mat was designed for small portable electronics, like the mobile phones, portable game consoles, Sat Navs, MP3 music players, e-book reader ... which does not consume too much power. So Powermat is NOT compatible with laptop / notebook computers, netbooks, iPad which normally consumes much more power. There are more powerful Charging Mat coming, so hopefully the laptop version of Powermat will be available soon.
  2. Will the Powermat charge my digital camera?
    Possibly. Around 70% of the current digital camera models can be via a computer USB port, these cameras can certainly be charged by Powermat. Many past compact camera models do NOT come a dedicated charger (but just a straight AC adapter), and they can be charged by Powermat too. However most of the Canon / Sony / Nikon digital cameras comes with a dedicated charger (with battery seat), and those are NOT compatible with Powermat.

Este producto esta en nuestro catálogo desde sbado 21 abril, 2012.

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